Your ally in tackling
homelessness in Woking

We work day and night to help those with nowhere else to go.

We’re a close-knit team united by compassion and a shared sense of humanity. We help local people rebuild their lives by supporting them with their housing, addiction, mental health, and employment needs.

Every late shift, heartbreaking moment and joyous reunion with family moves us closer to our goal of defeating homelessness in Woking.

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Since we became a registered charity in 2001, we’ve helped thousands of people find a place to call home. We recognised that as well as safe, warm beds, people experiencing homelessness need somewhere they can go during the day. 

So, we transformed an old nightclub into a resource centre: a place of refuge and companionship.

We also have a 10-bed shelter that we make available for those in urgent need. Plus, we manage three ‘move-on’ properties, with a total of 14 beds, for those transitioning to longer-term accommodation. 

Our lodgings are not just a roof over our clients’ heads – we offer them Bed, Base and Backing to rebuild their lives.

In 1995 concerned Woking churchgoers wanted to help people who were sleeping rough in the winter months. They came together to open a soup kitchen, Woking Winter Watch, that ran for five years offering warmth and food.

As Woking Winter Watch we provided emergency relief. Now, as York Road Project, we create lasting change.

Homelessness is hard to witness. It’s normal to feel anger or guilt. The choice is what you do next. Donate to York Road Project and help us defeat homelessness in Woking.

£15 could buy a bed for a homeless person for 1 week